Gestalt/Experiential Training of Maine


GETME is Proud to Announce the 2017-2018 Experiential Therapy Training Group:

Listening11This is a group to introduce clinicians to Person-Centered, Gestalt, and Focusing, giving a thorough grounding in the basics and betyond. We will also begin the study of Emotion-Focused Therapy, which is an integration of these approaches. The training will consist of six units, each building on the last, exploring the basic theory and practice of experiential/humanistic and neo-humanistic therapies.

The group will meet four hours a month, from September until June. There will be readings assigned for each unit. Each meeting will will include didactic lecture, discussion, and experiential exercises. Members will then have the opportunity to bring the interventions back to their practices, and bring their questions back to the group. In this fashion, over the course of the year, members will gradually integrate the fundamentals of experiential therapy into their personal therapeutic repertoire.

A key element of the training is the experiential exercises, where participants will have the opportunity to observe, receive, perform, and discuss each of the interventions we study.

Topics include:

Experiential Tracking/Following, including:

  • Empathic Attunement
  • Contact & Awareness
  • Projections, Introjections, Retroflections, Deflections, and Confluence
  • Depth of Experiencing
  • Emotional Process Diagnosis

Experiential Exploration, Including:

  • Exploratory Questions
  • Evocative Reflections
  • Empathic Conjectures
  • Refocusing
  • Process Observations

Initial Process-Guiding Interventions, Including:

  • Process Suggestions
  • Clearing a Space
  • Experiential Search

Trainer: Tom Kubasik, LCPC

When: There are two sections that will meet as follows:

The Wednesday Group will meet from 9am to 11am on the following dates: (This group is now wait-list only)

  • September 20
  • October 4 & 18
  • November 1 & 15
  • December 6 & 20
  • January 10 & 24
  • February 14 & 28
  • March 14 & 28
  • April 11 & 25
  • May 9 & 23
  • June 6

The Friday Group will meet from 9am to 1pm on the Following dates:

  • September 15
  • October 20
  • November 17
  • December 15
  • January 19
  • February 16
  • March 16
  • April 13
  • May 17
  • June 15

Where: 131 Spring Street, Portland, Maine


  • Fully Licensed: $40/meeting
  • Conditionally Licensed: $30/meeting
  • Graduate Students: $20/meeting

Certificate of Contact Hours available.

Minimum of 3, Maximum of 6 participants

For more information, call Tom Kubasik, LCPC: (207) 699-4979

Click Here for Registration Form

Note: Should the group wish to continue for a second year, we would study more advanced and powerful process-guiding interventions, including:

  • Empty-Chair Work (For interpersonal unfinished business)
  • Two-Chair Dialogues (Intrapsychic “parts” work, including: self-criticism, self-interruptions, self-compassion, decisional-splits, and worry splits.)

Alternately, a group who completes the first year could spend the second year studying experiential couples therapy, including:

  • Attachment Conflict Cycles, Identity Conflict Cycles, and Mixed Cycles
  • Intrapsychic sensitivities and their relation to conflict cycles
  • Ennactments of previously unexpressed feelings, needs, and vulnerabilities


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