Gestalt/Experiential Training of Maine

About Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy is a form of humanistic psychotherapy that emphasizes awareness in the moment, active behavioral experimentation, and the actual relationship between therapist and client.

Gestalt Therapy provides the therapist with a sound framework for understanding and working with clients’ thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviors. It helps the clinician organize the therapeutic hour, whether working with individuals or groups. Gestalt is a very optimistic theory, highlighting client strengths, resources, and responsibility.

Gestalt therapy practice emphasizes the observable present moment. Nothing is taken for granted as we start with what is immediately available to us. As we focus, things that had been just outside our awareness become vivid. As our awareness deepens, we notice what is most necessary and important — and too often overlooked. This is a powerful therapy for getting things unstuck and moving.

The Gestalt therapist is no “mirror” or “blank screen,” but rather a dynamically present partner in the exploration — actively observing, understanding, supporting and challenging the client through each step of their growth.

Gestalt offers wide scope for creativity. The Gestalt therapist designs a unique therapy for each client, tailoring interventions to this client in this moment to increase awareness and encourage behavioral experimentation. Gestalt therapists move the client beyond talking and interpreting into experiencing. Change happens.

Gestalt is a process-oriented therapy that integrates well with other approaches. It is organic and exciting, and will keep you curious and inspired in your work.

Check our home page for upcoming trainings.

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