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Gendlin’s Original Six Steps

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FocusingBookWhen Gendlin and his colleagues discovered that people who focused had better psychotherapy outcomes than those who didn’t, he set out to come up with a way to turn non-focusers into focusers.

It was with this in mind that he put together the original Six Steps: a set of instructions to locate and make use of the felt sense.

The original steps include instructions not to slavishly follow the six steps if there’s anything about them that makes it more difficult to focus. Since Gendlin first wrote his book Focusing, many others have adapted focusing instructions in ways they felt more more complete or accessible, or worked better for different populations or problems.

Still, you might as well hear it straight from the source.

I don’t know if it goes without saying — Gendlin says it explicitly as he introduces his steps — but it’s much easier to learn focusing with someone that by reading about it by oneself.

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