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Know Your History: Rogers (1959)

youngerrogersIn 1959, Carl Rogers was asked to write a chapter for a book on contemporary American psychology. His contribution, entitled, “A Theory of Therapy, Personality, and Interpersonal Relationships, as Developed in the Client-Centered Framework,” was the most systematic presentation of person-centered theory that Rogers ever wrote.

It’s fascinating reading — and not well enough known. Did you know Rogers actually talked abut SIX conditions that are necessary for therapeutic change, not three? Did you know that the “actualizing tendency” and the “self-actualizing tendency” are two different things? (This is an absolutely critical distinction in Rogerian theory.)

It’s also very interesting how much Gestalt language Rogers includes in this presentation of his theory — Rogers himself began the integration!

Anyway, please read! Here’s a link to the full text.

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