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What is Emotion-Focused Therapy?

GreenbergWorkingEmotion-Focused Therapy is a research-based integration of humanistic therapy approaches, particularly Person-Centered Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. I’m posting a paper here from 2007 that describes it in outline. (Ten years ago, they were still used the longer, clumsier name “Process-Experiential Emotion-Focused Therapy.” They’ve since come to just calling it Emotion-Focused Therapy, or EFT.)

If you love humanistic therapy, and want to know that the research base is there for these approaches, please know that Les Greenberg and his collaborators have been busy for decades with change-process research, showing the effectiveness of humanistic interventions. The theory and the research continue to grow and strengthen, and I’ll be posting other papers here on EFT.

Click here to see: The Essence of Process-Experiential/Emotion-Focused Therapy.

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